Exhibition in Antwerp

Exit Strategy

I am more than happy to present some new pieces in the Exit Strategy exhibition, curated by PleaseAddColor & KOP.

10. – 19. JULY : KOP, Amerikalei 128, 2000 Antwerp (14h – 18h)

Vernissage FRIDAY 10.7. from 19h – 22h

COVID19 info: maximum of ten people in the room at the same time. Hands can be disinfected with KOP’s alcohol gel at the door.

“It has been 4 months since COVID-19 changed our lives, but this virus doesn’t affect us all equally. While the toll of the virus is evident on all of our lives, the ongoing economic impact and precarity of many communities is getting overshadowed. If not properly addressed through policy the social crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic may also increase inequality, exclusion, discrimination and global unemployment in the medium and long term.

Art has always provided light in times of darkness. In a series of interviews (exclusively on Instagram), artist and curator Kevin Kotahunyi enters into a dialogue with artists, shedding light on their practices by asking in-depth questions about their background, inspirations and path in the art world. Despite the current climate, Kevin went in search of an “exit strategy” to support artists and bring the virtual exhibition alive, into reality.

Not every piece of artwork is a comment on society, but every piece tells a tale—no matter how subtle or abstract. A piece of art is so much more than its aesthetic attributes. It’s a portal into the artist’s life and their unique experiences.”

Featuring the works of Kato Bouckaert, Mel Lucy Bruneel, Yasmine Chakib, Kevin Kotahunyi, Samuel Lemba, Moira Murru, Giulio Napoletano, Line Pa Ke, Charlotte Perin, Leandro Saiombo.

Curated by Kevin Kotahunyi
Artwork by Kato Bouckaert
Design by Morgan Steyaert

‘The Eyes Only’ Exhibition

On the 15th of February I exhibited for the first time two pieces that are part of the Miradas Ocultas Project. It is about victims of police brutality in Chile during the protests against the injustice of the Chilean system. As a Chilean artist, I found this way to share my condolences with them and use this opportunity to raise awareness to those who have nothing to do with Chile.

It is a group exhibition in Brussels, Belgium that presents young Belgian painters, designers, musicians and caterers. It’s purpose is to create an event for young artistic people to exchange contacts and inspirations.

Premiere of ‘Variations en Éveil’ at the Kinograph Cinema

Friday 24th of January I will present for the first time together with Hélène Duguy our Filmproject ‘Coeur à Corps Bruxelles’.

The Project is about a group of young people living in Brussels, who decided to film dancers in their hometown and let them express their vision of society through dancing. We grouped together in a local committee that we called Coeur à Corps, and through it, we sought to denounce our current world and offer it an alternative, through dance. We believe it is the moving bodies that make revolutions happen.

This project is first and foremost the story of our get-togethers with dancers of all ages and all backgrounds. With them, we created choreographies that promote strong messages of commitment and hope. Our project has been driven by the energy of these dancers, but also by that of film, music and fashion artists.

A year later, we are at the end of the road with 5 short films in our hands, which we are proud to share with you. These films are a cry of revolt in the middle of a large crowd; but they also are the evidence that local communities can be brought back to life. That beauty, creation and living well together are necessary for building happier and more sustainable societies.

These films are our modest contribution to facing the current ecological and societal challenges, hoping they will inspire many others. It’s up to us to make this world more beautiful!


  • Friday, 24.01.2020 at 18:30
  • KINOGRAPH, 227 Avenue de la Couronne (1040 Etterbeek, Brussels)
  • 5€ entrance