Variations en Éveil

Variations en Éveil

Two cameras on shoulders, our group of youngsters filmed the choreographies of local dancers in the streets of Brussels. In the spirit of the climate marches and yellow vests’ uprisings, this short-movie in 5 acts shows dancing as a subversive way to reclaim the public space, provide a critical view on society and suggest alternatives to modern worldviews. This project is about reconciling art, citizen empowerment and collective action.

The film premiere event of the movie was organised at Le Kinograph cinema (Brussels) on 24 January 2020, followed by screenings in Paris.

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Involvement: Co-founder; Director; Producer

Cœur à Corps (‘Heart to Body’) is the youth collective behind the film Variations en Eveil. It was set up by Hélène Duguy and Line Pa Ke in January 2019, in Brussels.

The project was driven by the desire of young adults to demonstrate their indignation towards the social and environmental crisis, using artistic means. 

Key principles structuring the filmmaking process were collaboration, inclusiveness and openness; everyone has thus been invited to provide inputs, share insights and participate in his/her way. Nearly 30 people have been directly involved in the overall project, including members of the core team.

In various ways, several organisations across Europe, including non-profits, supported the project, such as the green network Youth & Environment Europe and the association AYYA.