Miradas Ocultas

Miradas Ocultas In mid-October 2019, Chile started to protest across the nation, demanding dramatic reforms to the country’s social, healthcare and pension system. According to the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), the excessive use of force, rubber bullets and teargas by security forces has left over 3.838 injured. Especially the eyes are targeted byContinue reading “Miradas Ocultas”

Stop the Cut

Stop the Cut The Initiative ‘Stop the Cut’ tackles the practice of female genital mutilation of young women in Africa. In this educational documentary, AMREF Health Africa proposes an alternative for the Rites of Passage for young Massai girls to become women without being cut. The film premiere event of the documentary was organised atContinue reading “Stop the Cut”

Variations en Éveil

Variations en Éveil Two cameras on shoulders, our group of youngsters filmed the choreographies of local dancers in the streets of Brussels. In the spirit of the climate marches and yellow vests’ uprisings, this short-movie in 5 acts shows dancing as a subversive way to reclaim the public space, provide a critical view on societyContinue reading “Variations en Éveil”